Aging Cattle Reference Files

Aging Cattle: AABP, Bovine Practitioner 1974 - HTML

Aging Cattle: Agri-Practice 1984 - HTML

Aging Cattle: Feedstuffs, K. Eng Literature Ref. Table - HTML

Aging Cattle: Cattle Producers Library - Acrobat Reader

Aging Cattle: USDA-APHIS (dentition diagrams) - Acrobat Reader

Aging Cattle: JAS?, Lawrence, et-al-USDA - Acrobat Reader

    NOTE: the USDA doc below is not CURRENT or OFFICIAL for the FSIS new standards

    ... it came from an archive download

Aging Cattle: USDA (30 month aging diagrams) - Acrobat Reader

USDA-A-MaturityClassificationDiscriptionCharacteristicsLabeled.pdf  ... Table & Photos (one page) Posted Dec 2005

USDA-AMS-A-MaturityPhotos.pdf  ... Outstanding set of photos of A00 to A100 ... Posted Dec 2005

USDA-AMS-BeefPhysiologicMaturity.pdf ...Detailed paper explaining USDA's evaluation ...  Posted Dec 2005

USDA-BeefCarcassGrade&YieldStandards.pdf ... Posted Dec 2005


USDA-FSIS Technical Service Center

USDA-FSIS HOW TO AGE CATTLE (Including as related to BSE Testing & SRM)

Other information related to Beef Export Verification can be found at ... ...



Tremendous thanks to the publications for these very valuable references.