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Section 1:              There shall be five classes of membership: active, honorary, endowed lifetime, student, and complimentary membership.


Active members shall be veterinarians actively engaged in, or shall have abiding interests in, herd health consultation, and are encouraged to be members of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Active members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of the organization. Membership will be granted only on an individual basis. ($295.00 Dues per year)


Honorary members shall be those who have made noteworthy and outstanding contributions to veterinary consultation. Unanimous approval of the Executive Board is required for applicants of this category. Honorary members shall have the rights and privileges of active members except the privilege of holding office but shall pay no dues.


Endowed lifetime members shall be active members that have made significant financial donations to the Academy of Veterinary Consultants. The size of donation to make any member eligible for endowed membership will be determined by the Board of Directors and reviewed annually. Endowed lifetime members shall be entitled to all rights and privileges as a member of the organization but shall pay no dues.


Student members shall be students currently attending a college or school of veterinary medicine who have abiding interests in Beef Herd Health Consultation. Student members shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of active membership except voting and holding office. Student member dues will be determined annually by the Board of Directors and will be maintained at a level lower than full membership. Applicants for student membership shall submit an application form with reference signatures from two current AVC members in good standing.  The Board of Directors will approve student applications at each regularly scheduled board meeting. Upon graduation, student member may be rolled over into active membership with all rights and privileges for the remainder of that calendar year.  ($20.00 dues per year)


A complimentary membership shall be available by appointment through a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors. They shall be extended to individuals involved in the Beef and Dairy Industries and will not require the payment of annual dues. Full complimentary membership will have attached to it all the rights and privileges of regular membership, with the exception of voting rights and eligibility for holding office. Limited complimentary membership will only consist of access to organization communication.


Section 2:              Applicants for membership shall make application on an official form. The dues for the current year, as well as references from two (2) AVC members in good standing, shall accompany the application.





Section 1:              Dues will be payable upon submission of application or by January 31 of each year.($295.00 Member/$20.00 Student)


Section 2:              Dues and assessments of the organization shall be determined annually by the Executive Board. In the event any member is delinquent in payment of dues by January 31st of each year and is delinquent in payment for a period of three (3) months, such member shall be dropped from membership.

Click Here for a Membership Application.

If you need assistance in supplying two references, please contact the AVC office.  The membership application must be received at least 14 days prior to the board meeting to be considered for membership. Board meetings are held at each regularly scheduled meeting. Applications received after this time will be voted in at the next meeting.

Other benefits of being a member include:

  • Three meetings every year
  • Group rates for the hotel reservations at the meetings
  • Most meals are covered by corporate sponsers
  • Online access to the proceedings from each meeting
  • Newletter three times a year
  • AVC members also have access to the listserv. Joining the AVC listeserv is a great way to share practice tips, receive feedback and suggestions, and keep in touch with other AVC members. To join the listserve click on the"View My Information" in the Members section and change the "Subscribe to AVC-L@AVC-BEEF.ORG" field to Yes.
  • Membership dues are invoiced in December and are due by January 31st.
  • Committee assignments are made after the spring conference. If you are currently serving on a committee and would like to continue, or if you are not on a committee but would like to serve, please contact the AVC Office.

The membership application requires two references from AVC members. If you do not know an AVC member, please contact the AVC office.




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